Expert Guidance


The role of Finance Director / School Business Manager can be an isolated one, with very few having colleagues on the senior leadership team who have experience in financial budget planning. Additionally, as Headteachers take the role of Accounting Officer, they too are responsible for areas for which they will often have had little or no training.

As a Specialist Leader of Education, I am proficient in supporting and coaching individuals at all levels of understanding, enhancing their knowledge and personal professional development.

I can also offer a detailed independent review of your existing operations, suggesting options to help you meet the needs of delivering efficiencies whilst maintaining appropriate controls and checks.

You can choose a financial health check or we can build an ongoing relationship where I can offer regular reviews as required to work on specific areas. 

For instance. As Trustees, when often the budget is the domain of one individual, what reassurances are there that

  • the individual is fully supported in their role as FD/SBM

  • the FD/SBM hasn't misused their position until it is too late?

By working alongside individuals at key times of the year, I can provide both the support and the reassurance Trustees seek.